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Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Filling Empty Space when a part of you feels empty and unavailable.

In this video a woman describes how she felt a pillar of light and her body began to rock. She came to us because lovemaking was difficult for her and began to impact her relationship with her husband.

Join me in conversation of Olivia's journey of healing birth trauma and her lovemaking and how her husband admired her more deeply.

Olivia describes within this video her Pillar of Light filling empty space within her.

  • Woman speaks about pillar of light.    
  • That pillar of light is the soul fragments filling the empty space within her body.   
  • During stress and self doubt, parts of the soul leave the body.   
  • Soul retrieval therapy expands the spaciousness around the body.   
  • Expansion of sense of self is the experience of realisation of being one with the soul.   
  • How her body began to rock.   
  • That rocking was the integration of new energy.   
  • The following day she reported Amazing love making with her husband.   
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This rocking is the body responding to spirit/soul energy entering her body. As she rocked the spirit/soul began to settle into the body and become part of it. While her soul and spirit is ignored they leave the body as any friend that you continue to ignore would. There is a way to call your fractured soul and feel it filling empty space as a physical presence.

Process of Filling Empty Space.

You have been conditioned to seek wholeness from outside of you. You have been conditioned to separate yourself from your deeper inner consciousness.

You have been conditioned to distrust your own inner knowing. By filling empty space within you and around you; you can regain access to your inner wisdom that you know is real. You do not need anybody to teach you what to do in the bedroom when you are self empowered or you run the risk of introducing mechanics. When your soul is filling empty space, it is then that you flow naturally. Listen to how she describes her loving and her husband's delight.

You have been conditioned to rely on someone else's knowledge on how you should be. That conditioning creates inner conflict and separation. This leaves empty feelings. Filling empty space with your own inner wisdom is a very simple process that begins with trust. Trust begins with being truthful with feelings you are experiencing in your every day life. You'll be guided how to recognise these feelings so your consciousness can recognise where you are before we begin working with filling empty space so you do not feel separation.

Filling Empty Space and what that actually feels like in real life.

Every human being is anxious fearful of something and is seeking a safe place to land. This video as you watch it, ensure you are not distracted. Create a space to listen, breathe rhythmically as you listen and allow yourself to feel what she is describing. This way the video shall prepare you for your personal experience because you now know what is possible.

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