Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Company we keep defines the way we interpret all of life. 

We are dedicated to the people who are ready to listen to the voice of wisdom. 

While most of the earth population is content with their life of procrastination, there are a small percentage who are read for higher teachings. As Jim Rohn says "run away from 97%". However - you can change you mindset in an instant, just by deciding to know the whole truth not just propaganda that has been in place for thousands years that keeps humans enslaved through hypnotic trance.

The people who perpetuate this onto the civilisation are in compliance with the universal law. The universal law dictates very clearly; no man can be forced to do anything against their will. They have to agree to be manipulated. If you feel you are manipulated, then somewhere in your life whether present or past life you agreed in full consciousness - because you liked the pay off or the reward for freedom you were giving up. It is your responsibility to do your research. These tools have always been available. For a fully awakened human, this can be evidenced by the results. The way a person speaks, moves, acts. For example, these days; as this is a tantric website, is the end result for the participants that they become a tantric sex worker. That is the most limiting view of tantra.

Weaving in tantra means weaving your past life skills and experiences into all of your life now. In other words you progress to next levels of consciousness. You do not go into shadow work to destroy or explore your dark side. You bring the wisdom gained from previous life and instantly integrate it into this life. without procrastinating you want more, as a baby just wants to reach for the toy, or for food, or for a loved one. Then it wants to crawl to reach. Then to walk. In much the same way you continue to expand your inner and outer world.

We become very selective of the company we keep through our past experiences. We know that we rely on our very survival for the environment around us. If the company we keep expects us to behave in a particular way, we must do that to survive or there are consequences. When you are in the company of people who do not reflect your values, you'll always be vulnerable to compromising yours if you want to accepted. Otherwise it is wise to seek the company of people who support you in attaining your highest level of living as much as they are to theirs. In that level of company, there is never competition because everyone has a critical and highly valued position within that team of people gathered for each others success so the whole team succeeds. There is no hierarchy because everyone continues to learn from each other as they expand their own wisdom.

Progress can only be measured in the context of equal relationships. When you are learning from each other; you are collaborating and coordinating. Naturally you will l have a leader who has that experience. Wisdom has its place.. Wisdom is honoured. It is not a position of power. It is a position of empowerment and definable progress.

in the meantime this page defines our approach to Tantric living.

We train you to become leaders. We ensure you do not become followers of yet another dogmatic belief. It's time to explore self mastery. Enter here to learn more.