Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Walking Tantra is most healing event.

Walking Tantra the perfect solution for those who find it very difficult to Meditate or make Lasting Changes. It is also fabulous when we need to shift focus

Walking Tantra is walking in full awareness.

Walking without intention to arrive. Talking without intention to be right or wrong. The miracle of just walking brings all life into perspective. Allow yourself to be that walk in every step you take. This miracle is not walking on hot coals or conquering the mountain track. The greatest miracle on earth is to walk the earth with no other distraction.

We have to learn to be there. When we walk, it's usually with the phone in the ear. Or chatting to a walking partner about everything and everyone else other than the truth of that moment. The purpose of the walk is walk. The purpose of love is the loving. The purpose of breath is the breath. The purpose of the water is the water. But most of the time our moment is contaminated with opinions and analysis of everything else but where we are.Bringing together what others see as separate

It is the most powerful detox on all levels - 

  • Powerful body detox.   
  • Reduces anxiety.   
  • Produces relaxation.   
  • Accesses mental clarity.    

Releases junk thoughts.

  • Begins to establish Emotional wellbeing,    
  • Walking Tantra is an Energy enhancer.    
  • Walking Tantra May reset the body clock within 24hrs.    
  • This unique specific Walking Tantra Centers us, stops the mind chatter that interferes with progress. It can be the most powerful detox tool to begin reconnecting with yourself.     

Introductory level lasts just one and half hours, beyond that it becomes the most powerful intense workshop - optional.

Story of one event participant in greater detail, the key points of the outcome is below.

Private Walking Tantra therapy is more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Here you can here me talking to the student to help him understand what had just went through.

In this video the student and I talk about his advanced walking tantra. In this session he actually went for a swim in the ocean as part of his connection to new memories and release of old patterns.

Story below is of a woman who experienced a powerful detox following her walking tantra session.

Story of a Ally's experience, what Ally gained as the result of this highly personalised ancient Tantric therapy. This was a morning initiation to tantra walking therapy.

Ally's therapy took place at 7am. That evening her body released build up of toxins via elimination channels to such an extent that she was in bed by 6pm drifted into the deepest sleep. When woke up the next morning at 8am completely refreshed as if someone took her apart cleaned and re-balanced her overnight.

Join us for the introduction.

In introduction session of Walking Tantra we address your needs then give them life through movement.

The introduction consists of physical movements. By connecting you with your body, mind, spirit, soul you feel whole. This can take from two hours to a full day. Depending on your soul integration that is required.

Everything is done in real time and integrated in real time.

Often people receive training or therapies and then they go home or engage with other participants without the guidance of facilitator. This then becomes watered down. Because intense supervision is required in this new state as you bring what you feel to life in third dimension.

Then we continue on to the next level. Those who have attended the introduction level may attend it again at half price or when you bring a friend it's free for you.

Support opportunities available to regular students. You become a student of your life, rather than studying some one else's ideas.


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