Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Initiations -I've had a series of empowerment initiations I share.   

In my lifetime I've had a series of initiations that I can write about.    there were others that are not meant for here.

Initiations.I was and interior designer managing projects worth millions of dollars each. With deadlines and on site inspections of projects. Collaborating with suppliers, trades, manufacturers and linking all that with the project. Everything has to connect and flow. This is true representation of relationship to life and healing.

I knew our bodies were just as complex. Everything is about relationships.

  • We are way more than just the mind and anatomy.         
  • Eventually I studied Naturopathy, massage was one of the subjects.         
  • This I resonated with.         
  • I found true connection through bodywork and martial arts.          
  • For me that was as exquisite as interior design.         
    This is video two with of two.        

In this video I begin my talk about the question of spiritual indoctrination I was getting.

Of course this is no different to what every one of us go through. But I asked the question that no one else asked. 

I was just 12 at the time. Another question what was being taught. I asked for an answer because what we were reading in the Bible did make sense. Everyone is being taught some form of spirituality. And you're required to just listen and follow instructions don't question. So I questioned. This led me to new teachers. Led me to new answers. Which again led me to different questions. They came back with different answers and I kept going and going and life become interesting.

Lets the video do the talking.

I integrated my knowledge of million dollar projects into bodywork and lifestyle coaching. This is the difference I bring to you.

I continued acquiring experiences in body therapies and life coaching with remarkable teachers. This was just part of the picture of healing.

My work in Tantra, Health, hands on Healing, Health Retreats, Living an enriching life, Depth of Kahuna training is about an exciting and fulfilling life. The depth's I'm talking about are when the cells actually wake up their memory. Not the intellectual knowledge we are being taught. I must say this right now; intelligence and intellect are two different things. The way I use the word intellect, is just the mental capacity we are taught to do to manipulate and program. Intelligence is where we have the awareness of everything that is going on within us around us.

 'Definitely not the living in moderation and compromise' that we are encouraged to live.

I do not believe in being moderate or compromising in my life. That should not be the goal for you.

We all have something unique and valuable to bring to this life.

The health retreat guests were exciting. They were successful business people with a great deal at stake.

They booked into health retreat to make a difference to their lives and their colleagues.

When they returned home, they implemented what they learned into the life around them. Their businesses flourished and for some relationships improved.

They were the people I truly connected with and in no time I was flying all over the country assisting them in creating and maintaining changes in their lives.

I continue to grow and discover new ways to make a significant impact in my clients lives by just making some often very small changes that result in measurable results.

As I continued to grow, I found that the level my therapies evolved to was significantly different.

Upon research and further training I discovered that I was actually providing Kahuna and Tantra massage.

Both are equally effective, they just came from different cultural backgrounds yet the spiritual message was very similar.

As one of my coaches said to me "we become more of who we are".

In other words we are attracted to what we focus on. For example.

  • This means if you are a sex addict you will become more of a sex act.         
  • If your great artist you become a great artist.         
  • Your great cook  you will become better cook.         
  • If you are an avid researcher will become  a better researcher .           
  • If you love music you will have more interest in  music.         
  • It had always loved martial artist even if you never started will go for it this time.         
  • If you always wanted a wonderful family you will be more open to one.          
  • If you always wanted a successful business whatever blockages that will disappear second flourish.          
I had very good reasons to refocus and grow rather than fitting into the normal.

Kahuna and Tantra have nothing to do with the new age. There is potential for confusion.The energy phenomenon is scientific definable and not at all fluffy. This energy also commands respect as we integrate full life spectrum.

In particular; how we treat ourselves, how we listen or how we interact with one another. And the real world around us.

I personally prefer complimentary friendships and associates.

Rather than the one dimensional life I observe many are involved in.

Like companion planting. For the echo system to be balanced we need the earth, sun, shade, rain. Then complete range of bugs, birds animals, plants, trees to be sustainable. Human families and communities function best with as much variety.

My approach.

What I have applied as project coordinator in Interior Design I put into practice with my clients lifestyle Mentoring service.

Taking their lives from just an idea of concept to Living the Reality.

While studying Natural Therapies I reached for more. My journey is exploring the deeper level of human understanding.

Personally I like the normal life. 

Unlike human beings, we are working together towards a common goal. Collaborating coordinating creating health welfare relationships.

Personally for me, spirituality in spirituality; I found the darkest  people. They actually ignore each other and talk about the light on the other side.

I believe that the light is here. It's not something you hold onto.
      It is not something that you wait to give and receive after you are dead. Why waste this lifetime believing someone else tells you, without verifying it yourself. Actions speak louder than words and I want to see these actions in this life not promise of something that is unseen at the moment.

If you think it, you create it. However it takes a team to create anything.

People's actions towards one another demonstrate what they think of each other. Hugging each other is not a demonstration of caring or respect. In my experience; that is an act of avoidance.
   Collaboration, sharing skills and working togetheris demonstration of true caring.

Taking action towards creation of a better life for each other and with each other is demonstration of caring in respect for this life.

This is what I bring to you.   


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